The Sinners Prayer or the True gospel?

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The Sinners Prayer or the True gospel?
What evidence is there in the book of acts that show us examples of believers ¬†who prayed the Sinners prayer or lifted up their hands and repeated a prayer after the preacher? If the bible is our example of rule and practice doctrine and truth, then we ought to find in the scriptures the way of salvation. the Way of salvation according to the apostles teaching for it was their teaching that led to the conversion of both Jews and Gentiles in their masses beginning at Pentecost. Pentecost as we know, was the beginning of the church and when folks were ‘saved’ they were considered ‘added to the Church’ Acts 2;42.

Join me Paul B Thomas in working out your salvation, the bible way the way of Jesus and the teaching of the apostles. Salvation as they knew it and had it. Born of water and Spirit just as Jesus had instructed them. (John 3;)5 Acts 2;38


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