Making the Small Thing’s, “memorable!”

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In a daily lifestyle that demands so much of us all, we can easily waste a day by attending to stuff that don’t really matter. In fact we spent too much time on things that don’t really matter at all, to anybody. It does not really matter if I tell you on Facebook that I’m having coffee at Starbucks or that I’m on a jet plane to preach in africa. It does not really matter how many friends I have that don’t really know me or playing farm games that don’t add value to my life or your’s.

When you have to much to do, the secret is making what you do, of value to others. The folks that succeed online in building good ministries and big blogs ( I’ve yet to get there) are not those who spend much time doing everything but rather are those who invest their time in making the “small things” memorable. Each blog must be of benefit to you, each email must provide keys you can use. Each podcast must contain revelation you can build with.

It’s not how much I have to do, but how can I make the small things, memorable! If it’s of value to you, we can create a memory out of it, maybe a legacy! take the small things seriously and if you can’t, avoid them! Make big wins out of small things and go tell everyone about what you got!

Now the rest is down to you.


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