The “Unstoppable” Christian

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Baroness Warsi “Militant secularisation threatening religion in Uk.”  The Uks first female Muslim cabinet minister warned that Europe need to be more comfortable in its Christianity and is herself encouraging believers not to deny and dilute their faith but rather stand up for it.

While her effort and boldness as a politician is valuable, our perspective as Christian’s is however quite different! Christianity itself needs no defence! Our God and Savior told us “those that live Godly shall suffer persecution.” Persecution reveals who we really are, its our cross which we choose to carry and without persecution, godliness  can never be seen in our nation.

Unlike Islam we need no law for social protection or political group to stand up for our rights. Whilst one may change laws and bring our status to public attention, christianity itself cannot be protected. The moment faith becomes protected it ceases to be authentic and of itself of any value to both the believer and to the society in which he dwells.

It’s not unjust laws or anti Christian backlash that threaten the church, but our own comfortablity! Our cross is our faith, persecution reveals the life we live. Injustice is not our demise but rather reveals  our light. Persecution furthers our cause, and like our master we know that Life comes out of death and victory always comes forth from defeat, that’s why we’re unstoppable!

The BBC article can be read here

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