Sharing Your Belief’s Make You Believable?

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As a young man selling insurance I was told, don’t talk about God or politics to folks you want to do business with! Now, that might have been good advice for a salesman but  I consider it bad advice for todays Christian or blogger. After all it was a good way to get folks with real life answers to shut up….Well, here’s why they are wrong.

Sharing your beliefs makes you believable, here’s why.

1. Silence is never a solution, not for anybody! Nobody benefits from your silence.

Beliefs enable a man to build a community and when he fails to share them, he feels isolated and apart from the crowd

Beliefs give direction and help you avoid the distractions that are present online. If you can freely communicate your beliefs you will always find blogging easy. Those who have quit blogging have one common fear. They are afraid to talks about what matters most to them. Their beliefs!

Belief’s can make your blog meaningful because you are sharing what matters to you. If it’s not important to you why bother!

Beliefs don’t divide, it’s the unknown that divides us. Think of this. Most folks don’t disagree on what’s written but we do disagree on what the bible never says.

6. Today people are suspicious of politicians, bankers and preachers and the reason is this they hide the small print. Here’s the deal, share the details!

Not everyone gets offended by truth. Truth reveals whats best and everyone wants what’s best. It’s the reason why I will buy an iphone and leave all other brands alone. Truth makes me a believer, a purchaser too. I want the best!

Your friend needs your perspective. I don’t want what everyone knows, I want what only you can give me!

The hard part of sharing one’s beliefs is the actual “sharing.” That’s where we enter a new platform and have to discover a whole new set of  communication skills. But it can be fun.

Make your beliefs, believable! and the instructions easy to follow.. another reason, I’m going for the apple…


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