Crisis! Why you should Let it get the better out of you.

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Crisis is opportunity turned inside out. Crisis is uncomfortable, sometimes a threat. Crisis has a way of presenting choices and reducing options. Crisis puts us against a wall that was not there before the crisis came our way. Crisis can be good for it can get us out of a routine that gets us nowhere and out of stuff that simply does not work.Frustration comes when we deal with work that’s way below our potential. When we are working on projects that no longer pull on our creativity and unlock our God-given passion. Crisis means it’s time to change. Were it not for a crisis you would stay where you are and always be involved in jobs that got you nowhere. Earning money that never paid the bills and working in a job that was always a grind rather than a reward. Crisis forces us to ask, the important questions and often makes us move into jobs and places we would never move too, unless we were faced with those limited choices.So rather than asking God why are bad things happening, thank God for showing you a dead-end! Crisis is God’s way of getting your attention when maybe you’re too mad to talk to him or even believe that he’s there. So, welcome the crisis, take a hold of it, and say, thank you Lord now I know there are better things for me and better things in me. Yes better things, like better gifts, better business ideas, better leadership skills, better skills to use in a better job elsewhere.Crisis is good, just go ahead and let it get the “better” out of you.Paul.

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