Dream Interpretation. What’s Does This Dream Mean!

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I’ve been having this dream where I’ve been standing on an edge looking over a precipice and telling myself “You don’t fear heights!” Sometimes it a vertical drop and thousands of feet below. Naturally I dont like heights, but this dream could have a spiritual meaning too.

This morning I visited this blog by hoyesonregalo where he states that he’s found the most dangerous road in the world located outside La Paz Bolivia. Its called “Death Road” and how he travelled this narrow road that offers spectacular scenery.

Maybe God is saying the Glory or truth cannot be seen from where I’m standing and that I will have to go into the narrow place, the place of revelation, the place where God is. Then I can see what’s transformational and not whats normal, usual and visible to all.

Equally, God could also be talking about taking risks and that I need to take a step of faith and not be afraid of the consequences of making big moves!

What would be your counsel?

Have you been having dreams and are not sure what they mean? maybe consecutive dreams with a similar theme. Please share or comment. Maybe God can use a brother or sister that visits this site to share its meaning!


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