The “Sound” of Pentecost!.. Can You Hear it?

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Suddenly there came a sound from heaven. (Acts 2:2)

Today we hear many sounds, uncertain sounds. There are many sounds coming from man.

I listed to a man the other day who said, ” all I have to do was, ask Jesus into my heart.” I said, “that’s interesting show me if you will, in the bible of one who done that?” He could not!  I then told him how folks were saved as given in Acts and that those born of God were born at Pentecost. Just like Jesus had said. First at Jerusalem and that there would be an accompanying evidence to validate the experience..a certain sound, – as proof of its origin.   “The wind bloweth where it listeth and thou hearest the “sound” thereof, but can’t not tell whence it cometh and whither it goeth; so is everyone that is born of the spirit (v8)

Pentecost was where that sound is heard, men born of water and spirit. He said, ” but that’s not whats being preached today!” I said, “if it’s not a sound from heaven then your move of God is man made not God made. If folks are repeating a prayer rather than being filled with the Holy Ghost as in Acts 2 the sound you hear is phonie!”

“Uncertain” sounds, From the word “phone” UNCERTAIN SOUND.  man made phonetics

I want a “sound from heaven.”

The sound of a preacher, preaching Jesus
The sound of spiritual gifts as the spirit gives utterance
The sound of a babe babe born in water speaking with a tongue as of fire

The sound from heaven can only come from one place and have one source. The sound from heaven can only speak one name, Jesus! The sound from heaven can only have one Lord, (Jesus!)  the sound from heaven can only declare one Faith, (the Jesus and his apostles doctrine). The sound from heaven can only give one baptism (in the name of Jesus). One Lord One faith One baptism!

What are you listening to today one voice or many? I dont know about you but I want whats from heaven on earth. Reincarnated in me, visiting us. Its time for church, Acts style….. feel the fire…. and receive it in Jesus name.

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