15 Keys For a Pioneer

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1.  Keep building your idea into a movement.
2.  Share your dream, it will attract investors and idea movers
3.  Dont be afraid of new territory, that’s where energy comes from.
4.  Make your own trail especially where there is none.
5.  The boring wont be recognised, the unconventional will.
6.  Unconventional ideas will attract unconventional people, they will knock you of your horse and set you on a bigger one.
7.  Dont avoid, challenge!
8.  Believe that your work matters and that everyone ought to know about it
9.  Connect with those who make you think.
10. If a map exists you’re going in the wrong direction.
11. You’ll meet strangers, ask them for ideas, if they give them, make them your partners.
13. A good partner disagrees with tradition!
14. If you find Gold, give it away. Only the poor keep whats valuable to themselves
15. Don’t leave your gift where there’s no water.. keep your wagon moving.

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