Men with Manners.. What is a Gentleman?

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What is a GENTLEMAN? …. A gentleman is one who can fold a newspaper in a crowded train (Leonora Cunningham)…

Remember when men used to take their hats off to ladies, open the door for them to enter the car, walk ahead of them to open the house door and then let them enter first? Have we lost our MANners?

A GENTLEMAN is one who can say “good morning” and “thank you”
A GENTLEMAN can give a lady their seat on the train. More so if she’s pregnant
A GENTLEMAN  can speak quietly and professionally on the mobile phone unlike many today who have to tell the world their sins shortcomings, fights and failures to everybody, out loud!
A GENTLEMAN does not talk on the phone while paying for something at the checkout.
A GENTLEMAN will switch off his phone while in conversation with another. It shows you are important and the conversation is valued
A GENTLEMAN doesn’t walk down the street chewing a 12″ fully loaded sub
A GENTLEMAN shake hands with those who he is introduced to and tells them how pleased he is to meet them
A GENTLEMAN is generous, with compliments. Giving things away don’t cost you anything!

Are folks too busy to show manners? if that was so then only those who can master life and take it by the horns can can show them.   Manner’s are not for polite men they are for real men. It takes guts to have manners and those with no guts don’t have any!

What is a gentleman to you? Please share below. Thankyou!

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