Miracles often Come in Small Steps

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I must tell you about this, my mother she’s 89 as some of you know, she adopted me as a child took me into her home and raised me. Well the last few weeks have been challenging, she deteriorated in health drastically, she went frail, went to hospital had a blood transfusion and other tests and was thee for three weeks. She went back in a few days later to see if they can do anything for her eyes, she is blind in one eye and is loosing the sight of her other. They told her nothing can be done as she is too old to have laser surgery, the risks are too high.  Everything she now sees is blurred and often tells me to draw the curtain in the middle of the afternoon. Its sad to see a woman go that that way, especially when its your mother!

My sister has to care for her too, so its a shared thing. We have to help her walk now and provide for her. Well, we have been praying together and believing God against the odds, yes against the odds. This morning I’m sitting at my desk asking about what to write in this post. waiting for my sister to come down and help her get dressed etc. However today the schedule is slightly different.

A few minuites ago in my room, the door moves slowly and there stands my mom. She had dressed herself, walked without assistance, said, “look at me!” then went out all four feet six or whatever height she is, taking those small steps and making her way out of my room to her kitchen to do her own breakfast, one small step at a time.

Miracles, they often come in small steps.

I believe in miracles… do you?


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