Does you Ministry have Sex Appeal?

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It’s ok…. get ready for .. I was looking at some watches the other day £400 Emporio Armani watches! I liked them! Of course I liked them. Something costing you mega backs was made “likeable” I could buy an imitation copy for one tenth of the price, after all a cheap watch does the same thing as a big brand watch, both tick one second at a time! One does not tell the time better than another and both give the right time at the very time you look at them. So whats the attraction?

… appeal.

It’s has style! it would make me look good!

So what am I getting at? In a world where you have a multitude of ministries competing for your comment and attention, all saying the same thing, preaching the same gospel, let’s get real, folks follow you not because you have something to say, we all do and most of us say the same things! Folks follow you because you have sex appeal you appeal to their flesh! you make them look good and feel good. Excuse me if that’s sounds carnal,   but there again that’s the reason we buy Armani and not the cheap stuff.

Give your ministry some sex appeal
Just another ministry marketing tip for preachers, from me

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