2 Trees, a Garden and a Walk with God

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God commanded… of the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil you shall not eat. (Gen 2:17)

Two trees, The tree of life and the tree of knowledge. Youve heard the expression the “family tree” The tree of life is the family of the “life” Jesus is the way the truth and the “life! The tree of life is Jesus and his family, It’s the knowledge of Him, the knowledge of God that we partake of and it’s the knowledge of him that keeps us alive. Feeding off  human understanding of God is forbidden fruit. “in that day ye shall die” That’s what happens to folks who try to find God in dogma, They feed on man made theology, Trinitarianism and humanism and multifaithism. It’s a bad tree and it fruit kills the life in you.

The tree of knowledge, “Information and  dogma” grows everywhere, online too. It is for the carnal man. Knowledge of good and evil is for the human not the new man.  Revelation  is for the spiritual man the new Adam, the man in Christ. To us in Christ, truth is not finding some new preaching sermon, its discovering Jesus, and just as Adam fellowship with God we too know that walking in revelation of God is communion with Jesus, the Lord.  We don’t try to pray, we don’t try to get spiritual, we simply partake of Christ and his vine. And like Adam, revelation is communion. That’s when God shows you his person, Jesus! God who walks with us.

Take a walk with God today!… I AM


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