Need Confirmation? Pray in the Spirit today…

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I will pray with the spirit (1 Corinthians 14:15)

I woke up this  morning with a burden on my heart not quite knowing what to do with it, I put my ear phones on, and began to listen to some gospel music, my mind went back some years ago when the Lord told me about a project I had to birth, I felt God, I felt his presence. and all I could do was weep and pray in the  Holy Ghost. God unlocked something in me. Then God gave me this to tell you. That’s part of discerning God’s will, if “he” unlocks a thing! I mean if its shut up, then  it may not be yours! But if God unlocks a thing! pray it, yes pray until it is released all around you and pray until that which has been held from you becomes an open door. Praying in the Holy Ghost is not a religious routine of words, its a process of unlocking things in you, things tied up in your spirit and things held bound in spiritual places. Prayer is necessary, for only God has its key to unlock unseen things.

Need confirmation, I will pray in the spirit and so can you!


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