Should We Invite the Holy Ghost?

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“Lets invite the Holy Ghost”… Its popular right now in most churches but is it scriptural? well I couldn’t find it in the bible, so I guess its not biblical, follow my drift  (let me kick up dust here… a kick up dust tuesday!). Jesus said to pray in his name (John 14:13,14) in fact he said do all in my name. The simply reason is this, The Godhead dwells in Jesus (Col 2:9) . If I wanted to invite you into my home I wouldn’t ask your spirit I would ask you! Why invite the Holy Ghost anyway, He’s already here, It’s his place. He was here before you! You’re his guest.

Anyway why not invite the father while you’re at it and the son also, I mean let’s invite the whole family!  There again we pray sideways like this because of our misunderstanding of  just how many persons make up the Godhead! Lets get it right. God is one and God is Spirit. We pray in Jesus name because Jesus is the “name” of the Godhead. Paul said I will pray with the spirit, not pray to the spirit. Deception comes when we pray as we want rather than pray as Jesus wants us to pray, which is, in his name. Do all in my name, why! God is One (Col 3:17 Gal 3:20)


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