The Lens of Pain

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They have eyes but they see not. (Psalm 115:5)
What makes you cry indicates someones pain you can help heal. What crushes you on the inside reveals a situation where God can use you to bring restoration. What problem do you see in the church that makes you want to write a blog post, chat to the leader, or kick off a series on mp3 to uncover the problem.  Whose life could change if you just gave not much, just a little?

Very often its in the everyday things that God uses, ‘provokers’ to stir something up in us that lies dormant.  He uses everyday things to reveal a ministry we need to get involved with or a call we need to step into. So whether youre online cruising or offline running, God will put somebody, or  something in your way to stir something up in you that needs to get moving.

So while youre online ask,
Whose hurt tears you up?
Whose burden do you feel heavy on your shoulders?
Whose cause provokes your involvement?
Whose blog post makes you mad, agitated and vocal.
Whose crisis moves you with compassion,
Whose lost soul makes you cry out to God for their life and his mercy?

God often calls out to us and shows us the road ahead, through the lens of pain.

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