Stewardship.. The Master Key to Success

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Stewardship, we do not own what we have at our disposal, this includes people, churches, ministry, talents and time. We are only stewards of these things. We don’t it and its subject to change. A wife takes advantage of her husband and didn’t appreciate his work, a pastor takes advantage of the flock, realising they don’t work for him. A father never takes time for his children,  social fanatics spend time on Facebook without knowing they don’t own the material they put on another’s platform day after day after day. All are poor examples of stewardship.

Stewardship is the key to life. The key is giving where its an investment. On WordPress I write a blog post, investing in another’s day. You can find my writings here any day, every day, for many days. Its an investment. Blog posts will last forever, so I’m careful not to write something i’ll regret, because one day I’ll change and hopefully for the better too. I don’t plan to stay the same and I know you don’t either.

So as a steward I’m going to give. If it’s not money it be words of value and experiences that cost me something.  Why because as a steward I will give my best. It may not be great to you but to me it will be my best. That’s all that God wants from us.

Give your best and be a blessing. That way we’ll spend our time investing rather than regretting. Be encouraged you’re in the masters business, you’re a steward of Almighty God in the greatest business in the world, and yes were business partners.

Your valued and loved


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