The Jesus and God Question!

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Have you every wondered why Jesus talked to God as if God was his Father and he was just a Son? Of course if he was just a Son we have too many contradictions like Jesus forgiving sins ,yet implying that God alone forgives sins. The pivotal truth of Christianity is God became flesh (1 Timothy 3;16) If he wasnt God incarnate then Christianity is a fake religion! So why do we have seemingly have contradictory scriptures where Jesus said “I thirst” and “I hunger” and he “rested a while!” If He was God with us?Does God hunger does God thirst Does God need rest?¬† Of course right throughout the Old Testament this same LORD tells¬† he alone is God, so we have the LORD Jesus, the same LORD the only LORD, in the New Testament talking like a mere man! so why does he talk as a man if he’s God?The answer lies in his dual nature.The duality of his being, him being both God and man allow him to suffer yet be our healer.His duality of nature allow him to die yet himself being the resurrection and the lifeThe duality of his nature allow him to thirst yet himself be the living water, the Holy Ghost that fills us allThe duality of nature allows him to be hungry yet he himself the bread of heaven that comes to every manThe dual nature allows him to be on earth yet speak as from heaven.The duality of nature allows him to be divine as well as humanThe duality of nature allows him to be God while speaking as a Son.Only Jesus can have the dual nature of both God and manPaul

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