Why is Saying “No” so Hard!

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Telemarkerters, they call frequently. Today I gave in and gave them some info because the lady the other side of the phone was polite and I can’t lie. So to tell her that I was busy would be wrong.

I regretted it later!

Saying “no” is powerful.
Saying “no” is often how we really feel. Saying “yes” when we are thinking “no” means we deceive, downgrade and dis-empower ourselves.
Saying “no” is easy (it’s one syllable shorter than yes).
We never regret saying “no” but have regretted saying “yes” many times’
Saying “no” is hard because it does not leave room to manoeuvre. That could be good.
“No” deals with the  an excessive amount of options we would otherwise grant ourselves and others had we not had it in us to say “no!”
“No” cuts out the trash that hinders us from making a good decision.
Saying “no” can save time, money and face.
Saying “no” can make more time in your day, so say “no” to ten percent of the things you’ve been saying “yes” to lately.
No wonder Jesus said, “let your ney be ney and your yes be yes anything more is evil!

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