Dealing with the Temporality of things.

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Addicted to the temporal?

Most of us are!

We want, more things.

Things that we ultimately lose interest in.

My new iphone I couldn’t wait to buy, ten months later, well maybe i’ll get the iphone5?

Clothes I saved up to buy, I no longer wear.

Projects become old.

What ignIted our fire then does nothing for us now

Blogs we were delighted to start then, has now become a chore

Even good times dont last no matter how much we would like to  relive them forever.

One of the things I’ve enjoyedin my life was preaching in a little store in West Texas with PastorSonny Cathey. The air was thick with praise, the pastor encouraging hischurch to get behind the speaker. Amens and hallelujahs almost drowningout the preaching. The experience was awesome, At one point I could havestayed there forever, but they say all good things come to an end. Thechurch closed and the preaching stopped, but not the memory lives on.

Trying to find eternality is temporal things is pointless, but temporal things are valuable for what they are.

Everythingin life is temporal, including ministry and preaching. The momentsexist for you to enjoy, they form you into the person you are today. theevents in our lives shape out thinking, the people we meet help usconnect to the past, so celebrate them, talk about them, relive them forthey form your life but know this, they are just events.

Tryingto find eternality is temporal things is pointless, but temporal thingsare valuable for what they are. Of course only God is eternal andseeking eternality in temporal things is meaninless and vain. Life isabout living eternally in Christ, If I can find “that” I can experience”that” forever! Apart from that,everything else has meaning right now.So with this in mind, take a risk and do it! Whatever you want to do, doit! Irrespective of reward or failure, do it! Nothing is forever exceptyour life in God. Only in Christ is eternality possible, other thanthat…

Enjoy the moment!.

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