Why are Immigrants good at Business in our towns?

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I visited a cafe with my daughter Becci in a local town today. The town is run down I hate to say it but the shops are empty and the only ones doing trade are hairdressers, poundshops, banks and charity stores

The cafe I went to has been taken over by two Asian ladies, I though, wow, they’re making a go at this and that’s the case with most Asians or others from other countries that come here they make a go of things

So why are Immigrants good at business, are they better better at business than us? Excuse me making a distinction here between us and them for the sake of the subject at hand. They are after all, the one’s making money in our local towns and cities.

Here are some random answers.

Immigrants work harder than brits and are not afraid of business.

Immigrants have a different work ethic and create their own system rather than. complaining by the system the brits have set up,

Immigrantsshare their home and probably their property for many generations, while britsspend their capital on moving house every few years and never settlingdown.

Immigrants keep the business in the family and hand thebusiness down to sons and daughters. Therefore the business can beestablished, grow, endure the tough times and as a result provide prosperity for their generation and the next one to come.

Immigrants work longer hours and keep their stores open when others shutshop. I never did understand why british stores close at five just when folks come home from work and have time to go shopping! Would some councilsomewhere consider allowing  traders to stay open until 9? yes this is the C21 century!

Okhere is my main point. Immigrants adhere to a different philosophy. We aretold “Do what you love” they grow up adhering to a differnt philosophy”Do whatever it takes to make money.”

I think they’re right!

After all China will soon be the world’s greatest economy and the the best cafe in town is this little cafe run by two asian ladies.


What are your thoughts?…

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