What is God’s Big Thing for me?

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Big answers can only come from our Big God. Here are some questions on purpose to ask the designer life master.

1. What pulls me out of my stuff and into God’s stuff?
2. What reveals my mountain and causes me to stand on the peak?
3. What’s in me that everybody needs?
4. How can my life become a Big investment into the lives of others?
5. What is my God assigned purpose?
6. How can I live the life that pleases God?
7. What am I created for that solves a problem in my time and generation?
8. I am born again, predestined for something beyond the norm otherwise what is the purpose for the new birth?
9. What is my portion for now and evermore?

God’s big thing is about God’s big vision God’s big people, God’s big gospel for everybody. Gods big thing is about accepting God’s bigger picture for your small one. God’s dream is the big dream. No one dreams bigger than God. No one can make something great out of something so small as our God, thats why we must take on his big thing.

People dream small when they choose their dream over God’s dream. As if we can out-do God! God build this world and even the unseen one’s, he also built every big thinker and give every big thinker, big plans, thats big! I want to be on board with God’s big thing. I want to get out insignificance and into God’s extraordinary big plan. Dont You?

Embrace God’s big thing!

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