Be a Barnabus, Be a Door Opener!

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Barnabus took hold of him (Acts 9:27).

There were few Christians at Damascus and even these would have little connection to the apostles at Jerusalem. Not even the apostles had heard of Saul’s conversion and passion to preach the name.

I see a sea of preachers out there online, like Saul passionate yet unknown. They are not celebrated, some not even tolerated. Yet God has knocked them off their horse and they are on a different journey now. Men whose revelation of the name has changed the course and destiny of their lives.

I know there are nobodies out there in the internet sea of nothingness.
Preachers with a passion for God and lost souls.
Preachers who’ve heard the name, met the master and need a brother.

Some body has to take a hold of a nobody and show him to everybody so he can tell them of Jesus!
Take hold of somebody today.
Give them a blog to write their article on.
Give them a platform to preach the gospel.
Give them a word of encouragement to lift them up.
Give them a gift to meet their need.
Give them a friendship and helping hand.

Be a Barnabus, dont just talk to someone but take hold of them. Open the door for somebody. Here’s my open door…. Connect with me on Google+ and if you are passionate about blogging invite me to your blog, connect to me and let me know if you wish to write an article on