The Church Altar

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Every revival meeting should have its place where folks can meet God.We call this the “Altar.”

And when they had prayed the place was shaken (Acts 4:31).

I visited a church the other week where it was very informal, chatty and friendly. Before the service folks walked around the sanctuary with cups of tea, soft drinks, chatting to each other and making folks fell at home! a friendly service, no God!

I contrast this with my experience with the Pentecostals in Texas, before service we knelt down at the altar and prayed. after the message we went to the altar and prayed. we went out of the meeting refreshed and changed! The altar has always been the place of transformation and change.

1. The Altar is The place where we “pray through.”
The place where we pray until the burden is gone and the load is lifted.

2. The Altar is the place where brother strengthens brother
.. and sister strengthens sister. Of course discretion is needed as to who you should pray for and if that person really needs another at that time. “Woe to him that hath not another to lift him up” (Ecc4:10). If your brother or sister needs you, go strengthen them, speak life into their soul, prophesy over them their deliverance.

3. The Altar is the place where we meet God
That’s the purpose of us going to church. Does God meet with us there?
Prayer must become a divine compulsion, the altar must become the place of divine revolution, a place where contrition meets its salvation.  The altar the place where fire burns the dross of our carnality and lifts us up into glory. The place where people go with their burdens and stay until their cries turn into worship.The altar is preparation time for when we go into church and when we leave church. We enter as those going into the fire, we leave as souls “on fire!” The altar is the burning place. Where the old man has the cremation and the new man finds his freedom. Yes prayer is liberty for the soul that is bound and fire for the soul that in the presence of God

Remove not the landmark of prayer!

We need a church altar.