The Spirit of REVOLUTION….

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REVOLUTION… we need ItWe need it onlineWe need our websites and blogs to be centers of revolutionWe need our Facebook pages to be centres of change and revivalWe need our website to be a place of SALVATION an upper room for the blind and destituteHOW? Pray for this website, then go and pray for yours (see instructions below) Pray over it right Now. …. “God everyone who visits this site, may they see truth, may scales come off their eyes, may demons be cast out, may chains break and mindsets be challenged and renewed.. May those barren and broke receive your holy Ghost, may Gifts be loosed and the sick made whole. May those with creativity be empowered may those with ministry be activated. Lord begin the revolution here, let the spirit of a revolution remain here. that you alone may be glorified inallthe earth and web. in your name, Jesus…”IT WILL HAPPEN……IT WILL HAPPEN……The has become the kingdom of our Lord and Christ…. I’m on a mission and so are you. US Together… You have the anointing of a CHANGE MAKER…. BARRIER BREAKER….. IDOL SMASHER…...I feel revolution in my bones..God gave you this ministry to shake and awake some stuff…….NB...  PRAY HERE If this means anything to you and I’m sure it does. Connect to me below and simply leave a comment and i’ll know to keeop you informed on this. If you want to take this a step further (optional no obligation) add this post to your site so that others can pray for the spirit of change and revolution to come to your ministry online when they visit. Just add this post.NO MORE BARRIERS.. NO more isolation…Just Revolution of the Jesus kind.Paul

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