The Three Witnesses, Spirit Water Blood

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The Three Witnesses by Paul B Thomas

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The new birth experience as given in type and shadow in the Old Testament and in Doctrine in the New. Discover the foundation behind “Born of water the Spirit” as given by Jesus in John 3:16.

Discover how the New birth is found in type and shadow in the Old Testament in the account of creation, redemption and deliverance form Egypt, the story of Noah and the saving of his family and other instances.

This is a vitally important subject for all who wish to preach salvation and those who wish to be saved. It conflicts with today’s easy gospel of asking Jesus into one’s heart a message that has not biblical root or pattern, practice or doctrine.

This is alarming, as many today are exhorted to “ask Jesus into their heart.” Are they saved?

 A must read for the today’s gospel preacher who desires to see the book of Acts and its salvation come alive in their life, ministry and city.

The Holy Ghost The Spirit of Jesus

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