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  Is Your Faith in God or your Religion?

The God Who is Bigger Than Religion

Taken for a new ebook coming out soon entitled “I’m Going to War”

The God who is Bigger than Religion

God is only a mystery to those who don’t see him as he is. God has to reveal himself and when a man meets God either in scripture or  by revelation his understanding becomes clear, he has met truth and comes into light. God is only a mystery when a man does not know him and the reason is this, God is not known by understanding no matter how intellectual or bright a man is, God is known by faith and revelation. God has to reveal himself to man.  

A man cannot know God by religion either, God is not found in religion, man may think he knows God by his religious faith but if God is not religious then the  God he serves is not God at all.

Some think that by serving their religious ideals in the destruction of temples and murder of those who  believe in another God, are doing God a favor. Not so! God, the true God is not religious, therefore one’s act of religion cannot please God.

God hates murder for its the killing of his own creation. Their religion is a cover to hide behind in order to give them an excuse to hate folks who don’t believe like them.

God, the true God is not religious and is not found in religion, he therefore cannot be responsible for the wars religious folks create in his name.

As a believer in Jesus, I did not find the Jesus I know in religion. Religion did not give me faith to believe. But when I found Jesus and discovered that the man was God in the flesh, this gave me something religion could never give and that is FAITH

My question is this, Is your faith in your religion or is your faith in God? Don’t mistake the two, for religion in itself has no power to set a man free or save his soul. Only the creator can save the creation, only the God who became man can save you as a man. It takes God to save man because religion cannot die for man. God has.  And his name is Jesus.

If your religion don’t change you, then change your religion! If you’re afraid to do that then allow me to say this, your religion holds you in bondage, not God! God is bigger than your religion because he came to deliver men from it’s deception. Jesus gives life and because of that you can believe by faith in a God who is bigger than you.

Jesus is God



Taken from “I’m Going to WAR… War and the Believer ” coming out soon. To repost please email me. Thankyou
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