Acts 238 Salvation

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Jesus said it would be like a wind, you would nto know where it caen from but it would fillthe house. On the day of Pentecost the disciples were born again the wind filled the house.It filled them their house, thney became the templye of the lving God filled with God himself. the temple changed hands it was nolonger a physical lovation but a person. You are the tmeple of the Living God!

This wind was no natural wind either. what north sea wind could fill belviers withthe Holy Ghost? A wind itsef has no power to give life. natural wind destroys but this wind gave the life of the creator becasue it came form the creator. The Holy Ghost breathed on them. His ghost his spirit cam to them a a ruching mighty wind and it filled the House. Jeuss came to them. His spirit was given to them by him.

Do you see the impact of this.jesus baptised them whith his sholy Ghost he baptised them into his name to when they went down intothe water. He gave them his spirit when theycame out. jeuss is the baptiser inthe Holy Ghost

This tells me that The Holy Ghost then is not a spearae expereince form salvation neither is the Holy Ghost a separate person form the Lord. Inffatc scriptures tellus the Lord is that Spirit and whenwe reciove jeuss we recive this Holy Ghost

many today weilldeny this experince they are belivers onl;y. notidisciples sure they belive butthey are notfollwoers ofthe way.they chose another way any way but the narrow way of water and spirit. few find it I trust you will too

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