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The humanity of JesusConceived of the Holy Ghost.And therefore it behove him to be made like unto his brethren ( Hebrews 2:17).Humility under investigation, humility emobodied, humility condescending lower still, God who conceived the world being conceived of a woman. the creator being made by the one he himself brought forth into the world. God who made Adam now being conceived by woman God who made the human race now being born into it! taking on the same nature that is in all men that of both life and death.God himself cannot take on death, he is life and eternal life at that, but he took on humanity in order to partake of death so that man in return might partake of his eternal life and without such an incarnation as his such a birth would not be possible as such a birth is an exchange of natures God in man, man in Christ.¬† “forasmuch as the children are partakers¬† of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise partook of the same” (Hebrews2:14) Man too would have to have a transfer of nature.The seed of a woman.All men are the seed of a man. both male and female come from the man seed. this man being a man came not from the seed of man but from the seed of a woman and for this reason he is is unlike his brethren, He without a father made of a woman, He being the father became a son. Only God can be both father and son from the beginning. himself the seed giver and the seed itself. himself coming to Mary and Himself being born of her. God only begotten, the only begotten on. his self the one that beget himself.The first promise of him reveals thew seed of a woman shall bruise the serpents head (Genesis 3:15). This is the reason for the incarnation, humanity has to crush its enemy and in doing so reveal to mere flesh that dominion over all things is possible through an incarnationBorn of a virginShe was a virgin before she conceived and a virgin still after she had given birth. How shall this be seeing I know not a man behold a virgin shall conceive and bring forth a son (Matthew 1:23) ( why is this so told us it an only be that the church too likewise remains as much a virgin after its touch by the Lord as much as Mary does. the touch of Jesus is a touch of his holiness in a body.He increased in wisdom and stature.The all Knowing God increasing in wisdom and stature. The teacher becoming a student. The educator becoming as one who knew nothing. The God who is infinite in knowledge came to improve his language the very own language he gave to man in the beginning. God in condescension in order for man to have God in conversation.His deathHe died on the tree he himself created. The thorn which pricked his brow were his own.

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