Do I need to Go to Church?

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Do I need to go to church? If you never went to church, that would be like trying to be a soldier without joining the army. You need to join the army! you cant fight your own war! You cant just fight for your own existence you have to fight for the church God gave you.Some have suggested that, we don’t need to worship in a building, so whats your alternative?If you meet with friends and your friendship circles grows numerically you will sooner or later need a building. There’s nothing unbiblical about meeting in a building. Just as long as we know the building is not the church, the building is the people of God.Has your knowledge of God increased since you stopped going to church?Do you spend more time in prayer now that you spend less time on travelling to church?Are you more discipled in your spiritual walk now you have no pastor?Do you listen to sermons on TV that you enjoy or do you listen to those that challenge now after all you have more choice Now?Would more souls be saved through your ministry is you ceased to meeting in a building?Would you be able to praise and worship better if you had no building?Would more people get with you if your church closed down and you went to the streets?Are we going to the streets now that we don’t go to buildings?We need the church and the church needs you!What is the church, people. and inner climate we need buildings. so let’s meet up and connect in a building because we are the church. I need you my brother and sister. we can’t operate alone.  The hand needs the little toe and the little toe needs the foot. The foot cant move without the leg and the leg is going nowhere without the body. The body is going nowhere without the head and the head is Christ. We all need somebody and all the somebodies need Christ.Paul.

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