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When God join a man to a woman there’s a bonding in the spirit. The bonding is first spiritual.
Its the place “where deep calls to deep” where whats in me calls out to that which is deep in you and whats deep in you calls out to that which is deep in me

The bonding is spiritual first.

Now that kind of bonding is hard to break because it tears the spirit the bible tells us “A wounded spirit who can bear?” (Proverbs ). A wounded spirit comes from a breaking of bonds that God gave you.

Only God can join in the spirit. If you are wondering if the relationship is of God and if she is the one for you ask yourself do I recognize whats in her spirit first? Do the things in me speak to the things in her. Does the dream in my heart speak to the dream in her heart. Does my faith connect to her faith and our beliefs connect passionately. If so, God is joining you.

Of course whats in her must connect to that which is in you too.

If you know each other physically first then its easier to break. for if you know each other physically you can break things off physically. just the absence of each other will allow you to break it off physically. Of course its not just easy either for most folks but the separation is different for those who are connected and attracted physically but not joined in the spirit.

Do breakups happen to those connected spiritually ? Of Course! breakups can happen to anyone who makes a decision I want out of this. Just because your partner wants out it does not mean God did not join you.

When a breakup happens its as if the soul of that person is still attached to you but their spirit is not there.  you have a relationship with them but they are not there. see you were tied on three dimension spiritually physically and soulically and a three fold chord is not easily broken.

This attachment is a soul tie, soul ties are bonding’s bonding’s are good God wants us to be bonded and bonded in love, but when love is absent and there’s still a longing for the other that longing can control you. Its then that the soul tie begins to hurt you and control you, the way you think and who you think about.Even your decisions can be controlled by the soul tie.

People when they go through breakups find it soul destroying to cut loose. there’s pain involved, you lose hope, you lose confidence and the breaking of that bond

A man can deal with it in many ways. He can meet someone else, but that won’t work. The new person cannot replace the one he is trying to let go of. He can hide behind work. but work cannot replace the love of a woman. He can move overseas but being in another place a new home or a different country cannot take away the love out of your heart once you’ve been joined together in spirit.


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