Thewre is no one God but God

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Q. If Jesus is God why did he say there is none Good but God

A. The Bible is Gods word everything God is is recorded as God the one who who is doing the speaking through the prophets and the apostles and others.

here in the new testament we have God becoming flesh and talking to us as a man. Its the same God who talked to Moses and to Abraham and the other prophets, Hebrews tells us that today, he has spoken unto us by his son (Hebrews) so it was God talking to us.

So we find there are things God said as God and things God said as man. As man he prayed to God. As man he went hungry, as man he went thirsty.a s man he relied on God. yet as God he relies on no one.

Here Jesus, as man said there is no one Good but God and he tells the  this as he does not recognizes him as God he recognizes Jesus as a man. Its a bit of an insult actually when you think about it. Jesus stood before him as God yet he refers to him as a man.

If he had recognised Jesus as God he would not have asked this question.

The Good shepherd who was this Old Testament Good shepherd. Yahweh God. the same good shepherd that said hewas the good shepherd. If jesus was a good shpeherd then hemust of essenc ehave beenreferrign to himsef. there is only one Good and that is God.



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