The Trinity?

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Q. Benny Hinn calls the Holy Spirit, “the third person of the trinity” and he longs to have a relationship with us. He is the most wonderful precious person on earth God the Son is is not on earth, God the Father is not on earth they are both in heaven this every second” who is one the earth God the Holy Spirit. (Good morning Holy Spirit p47).

A. Benny Hinn also states in his book that was a Catholic, so it is evident that he still adheres to the Catholic doctrine of God, which is the trinity. Benny also states that there will be a time when the Holy Spirit leaves the earth. (p48) I believe this is not true. The Holy Ghost is omnipresent. he cannot go from where has always been and since he is everywhere how an he be anywhere else. He is ever present.

The term “God the father,” “God the Son” and “God the Holy Spirit” are not found in scriptures. if God wanted us to know there was God the father God the Son and God the holy Spirit as three persons he would have clearly told us so. He did however tell us simply who he is God is one and the one we have a relationship with is Jesus. Its his relationship, his salvation, his power, his life, his anointing, and his spirit that he alone gives us. So our fellowship is with him (      ). As we are in relationship to him (Jesus) as his sons, we worship him alone as father. The Word commands us thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve. We don’t worship the spirit we worship Jesus, we worship Jesus through the spirit and in the spirit. The Spirit leads us and always points to Jesus. because he is the “Lord God!”

If I wanted to visit you at your house and knocked at your door you would not invite my spirit in No you would invite me in You would invite Paul in because that’s who I am. You would invite me in person. Jesus is the only person of the Godhead. So one cannot worship another “person” There is no third person. There is no trinity and there is no trinity of three persons.

The Lord is God, and God is spirit and is manifested to us as the Lord. Again, God is spirit, the Holy Ghost is the spirit of the Lord, thats why we worship the Lord alone.

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