Incarnational Truths

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ho touched me?…the woman was made whole from that hour (Luke 13:10-17).

To touch Christ’s garment is to believe in his incarnation, No one would have such faith in a mere man. To make a fool of ones self unless he was more than just a teacher among the crowd. Her approach, her push, her touch revealed one big truth, this man is unlike any other. God is among us and the word tells us from that self-same hour she was made whole.

Friend what we think of God determines what we get from God. our knowledge of him determines our passion about him  She came with fear and trembling, her humanity approaching holiness, sickness approaching life.  How can we who are earth-bound and sin prone, touch an unapproachable God? Our uncleanliness separates us from one who is so holy,

When we want instruction about something, we would ask, “just “touch” on that for a few minutes!” Yes friends ask the Holy Ghost to “touch” on the subject for a second, the incarnation, his oneness , his greatness, God just “touch” on that, how you became flesh, give me a word from Heaven, a revelation of your name. Just a touch of insight into this mighty truth can deliver me from this thing that has me bound and infirm. Yes I will have to push through the crowd of heretics, and unbelievers, yes I will have to shuv off religious opinion, philosophical conclusions and man-made traditions, but Lord I know, you are Jesus. Show me your Godness and I’ll get my wholeness!

Jesus one of us, so that we can become one like him. That’s the power of the incarnation!

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