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ut to which of the angels has he ever said Sit thou at my right hand Till I make your enemies your footstool. (Heb 1:13).
The angel of the Lord is the Lord himself. If the Angel was the Lord angel then may I ask why would the Lord need an angel if he is onmipresent himself! Himself the omnipresent one would not need another to be where he is not as he himsef is everywhere present and there is not a place he is not.

Secondly Hebrews tells us that Jesus is greater than  the Angels. Since the angel performed a great work at Sodom  (Genesis 19:13,14,24) We can rightly say our Lord is more powerful and as all powerful can do a greater work. I do believe that the trinitarian concept of God as three co-equal persons weakens the argument, God is one and the Lord is Jesus himself.  The angel of the Lord is the Lord himself. all mighty, all powerful and all seeing.

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