The Narrow Gate

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Enter ye through the narrow gate for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction and there are many that enter through (Matt 7:14).

A Similarity of verses occurs in verse 25-27. The one that builds is the one that hears. Similarly the one that finds the small gate is the one that enters into life.

The one that builds on a good foundation stands, there is another than builds also but his foundation which is on sand. He has not striven for anything other than a quick build!

Luke tells us to “strive” to enter in or “work out” your salvation with fear and trembling. Let me put this is to today’s perspective.  The broad way, what some refer to as the “Roman road” to salvation. All roads lead to Rome they say and indeed they do, hence the broad way (Romans 10:9). There are different versions of the road, that try to lead to one place. Salvation and these many roads come from many denominations each one a road itself. Easy believism is the broad road. Its easy to believe, just raise a hand and confess, now you’re saved and now you’ve entered into the kingdom. The broad road, anyone can find it, but it does not give life.

Few find the “narrow road” (John 3:5). Few preach the narrow road for it is the road of the few. The Apostles found it. That is why the multitudes were seekers and the apostles were finders. Jesus differentiated between the two. The multitudes received the parables , the apostles revived the secrets of the kingdom. (Mark 4:11) The multitudes followed but the apostles sought the kingdom.This is why in Acts, It was the apostles who gave us the keys to the kingdom. They knew the door. They possessed the keys.

The Apostles understood the secrets. The narrow road is for the seekers. Those who seek the kingdom and its God, not just those who hear the word only on a sunday morning.

The apostles preached the “Jerusalem road.” At Jerusalem  the road was revealed. What Jesus had told Nichodemus “born of water and spirit! was revealed at Jerusalem there the kingdom came to them just as he had told it to Nichodemus.” At Jerusalem this road took them into the new Jerusalem, the church, the kingdom of God, born of water and Spirit.  (Acts 2:38)

Few find that!

Are you one?