7 Qualities of Effective Leaders

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You are a MASTER BUILDER, excellence not average is your forte

You are a TRAINER of able men. You perfect them for ministry. men who will take your place, you train them to out do you and more. They are your pearls, you polish them until they shine.

You are a CONFIDENT INCLUDER. You involve people and you invest in people. You make your circle bigger. smaller leaders are drawn only to exclusive groups of their choice, you gift however makes a bigger room and brings you before great men.

You are MOVER, always in transition. Great men are always in transition. Great men don’t allow themselves to stagnate in their own comfort. You can expand yourself seven ways. Internally, financially, in your vocabulary, strategically, prophetically, doctrinally and globally. 

You are a RESTORER.  You are not scared by confrontation. Confrontation is the first step to restoration and resolution. You need things to be clear. You are unhappy with discord and rejoice always with resolution.

You are SELECTIVE.  You make friends with trusted folks. Not everyone can keep a secret. Not everyone knows how to be loyal. Not everyone can live with fire. Not everyone can carry the same dream and burden the same responsibility.  That’s why you chose your friends wisely.

You are a TEAM BUILDER alone you are good but not well rounded. Well rounded leaders have a team with them. The team completes the dream. The team makes the man well rounded, complete! Ask this question who should I bring on board to help me complete me? Who should I network with to bring my dream to a higher level? Who do I need to talk to to take me up this higher mountain? Your team completes you and prepares you for the big thing, that’s why you need a team!