Don’t deny the Name of Jesus at Baptism

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To have power we have to have the name of Jesus. We have to be baptized “into” the name, into the fulness of the one who bears it. We receive of his fulness, when we are become one with him, through baptism.  If a man is baptized in the titles of Matthew 29:19 then he has not the revelation of the name and hence has no authority that comes with it, whereas those who take on the  name themselves acknowledge the deity who bears it.

And he COMMANDED them to be baptized in the NAME of the Lord” (Acts 10:47,48). How can a man command devils if he himself has not obeyed Christ’s command!

Look at this scripture. They were rebaptized. Why? It is because they were not baptized into the name under Johns baptism (repentance). Baptism without calling on the name of Jesus is in vain. We are baptized into Christ and only in him have we God’s authority to go into all the world and preach the gospel baptizing others in his name, casting out demons healing the sick .Only those who carry his name can preach his person and teach his way. The denial of the name at salvation therefore is a serious issue. Therefore, work it out with fear and trembling. (Acts 2:38).