The Sister in The Tight Skirt

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I visited a church the other day, the preacher mentioned the necessity of women wearing long dresses and being covered from head to toe. I noticed the nervousness of the two ladies in front of me, two of them were curvaceous. It must be hard to conceal ones curves when one has a larger physical frame. I think they were rather new to the church too. I thought its a shame that a pastor has to publicly put down down another, why not have a chat in person, if he has too. The pulpit is not a beating place and if one has to say something that’s personal and critical, use wisdom, you’re be more effective that way. Regarding the law, well if were going to keep one point lets keep them all and if we can’t do that we are condemned by the very law we ourselves cannot keep. So friend, good preaching is not an ability to be rash and pompous but wise and Christlike. The strength is not in your shout or rebuke but in your humility and love.  A sister offended is harder to be won that a strong city. Next time you preach on winning the city, first win the sister in the tight skirt!