An Arranged Marriage, What are You Wearing?

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Do I believe in an arranged marriage?

I want to show today why God has arranged our wedding  with him and the importance of wearing his robe and talking on his name in order to be considered his bride.

The kingdom of heaven is like a certain king who arranged a marriage for his son and sent out his servants to call those who were invited to the wedding and they were not willing to come… they made light of it and went their own ways (Matthew 22:1-5).

They made light of it and went their own ways.
Why make light of a wedding when you have a personal invite?

Salvation and our wedding with Christ are uniquely linked. I do believe that many who think they are the bride are mistaken, by falling in love with one yet have not actually taken on the vows, for they “make light” of the ceremony which many know as the new birth born of water and spirit as in (John 3:5).

I was in conversation on Friday which a group of sisters who told me the vows are irrelevant today and something of the past. I thought how sad. One young lady said she did not trust men and therefore the vows are irrelevant today. Now we could say she was making light of the vows and it made me think of this but so do many Christians today when it comes to our own salvation and our marriage ceremony with the Lord, our  new birth.

We make light, of John 3:5 when we say “oh its not important to be baptized into the name of Jesus
in order to enter the relationship with the Lord!” But friends it is for if one has no name then one has no righteousness with God.

Scriptures tells us that the groom saw a man who had no wedding attire.

He saw a man that did not have on a wedding garment (v 11)

So he said, “friend How did you come in here without a wedding garment?” and he was speechless. Then the king said to the servants bind him and and cast him into outer darkness (v13)

What is the proper attire for our wedding union with Christ? It is the righteousness of God. The garment that indicates we are in right standing with God. How then do we know we are right with God? The command of Jesus in John 3:5 tell us how to be his bride. Jesus shows us through his baptism how we become the bride or his sons and it is through baptism. 

Baptism into the name of Jesus fulfills all righteousness (Mt 3:15).

Baptism is where I exchange my filthy rags for his robes. We go from rags to robes, or rags to riches. Yes this is God’s idea of a marriage He selects those who obey him. Yes in this sense I believe in arranged marriages for it is by God’s divine plan that he arranged for me to wear his robe and dress in his garment and to come any other way is to deny my own salvation.

Notice too the context of scripture for in Mt 22:15-22 for the conversation continues on the same these.  “Render unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s and to God that which is God’s. (v21). Whose image is on the inscription? (v20) Those of the name are his. His name is their ID as a bride. His image is stamped on their lives their character their conversation. Those of the name are his.

Yes I believe in arranged marriages, one where its arranged for me to take on the name of Jesus. One where its arranged for me to be baptized into the name. I’m chosen not because I love him but because I obey him! and desire to please him and serve him and love him.

Yes I believe in arranged marriages. For Jesus arranged it for me.  Calvary the place of proposal, Pentecost the place of feast. I know the one who I love and I know the name that will be mine. Yes Jesus arranged it for me. I haven’t got to think what will be the name of the family I enter into or will it be rich or poor will it be of this land or that land. I haven’t got to worry where the reception will be for I know its in a upper room. I haven’t got to worry about my script for its in John 3:5. I haven’t go to worry about the wine because I know it will never run out. I haven’t got to worry about the robe because its custom made at Calvary. 

It’s arranged I know the family, I fit in there. The JESUS FAMILY.

Yes I believe in an arranged marriage!

What are you wearing?