Dealing with Stuff of the Heart

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Dealing with Stuff of the heart

Take care of your day by taking control of your mouth.
Refuse to talk about whats bad and whats behind.
Of course you have to deal with it first.
Get counsel talk it out of your system forgive the offender and make up where possible.
Don’t talk bad about folks who have hurt you, then the pain of their words wont live in your heart.
A hot temper makes you a cold soul.
Deal with your anger, angry people make foolish choices.
Don’t marry someone who has issues!
Reject rejection. How? Accept that phone call and talk.
If you play the avoidance game then rejection will take root and grow into a bitter fruit.
Take responsibility for bad stuff. Admit its “my fault!” Even if it wasn’t, take responsibility. If a marriage or a relationship failed you has something to do with it. Taking responsibility is good for your emotions and will put you in control.
If you are playing the blame game, the blame you put on others will eventually come back and curse you.
Anger, pain, rejection, lonliness, loss! If you can can deal with it, you’ll get the victory over it!
Yes the best life starts by taking responsibility. That’s how you deal with it!