The God who is Unchangeable

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What about predestination brother Paul, This is how I see it And as many as were appointed to eternal life believed (Acts 13:48). The elect are those in Christ.

What does this tell me.

God ‘s call on your life stands.  He hasn’t quit on you. His plan, mission and assignment has not changed. his decree is unchangeable.  Murmur not at his dealings complain not about his ways. God does not repent of his love for you.

God is unchangeable.Trust him

“But ye were washed, ye were sanctified, ye were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus..” (1 Cor 6:11)

We changed but God does not. God cannot change his nature or his person.

God cannot change his Mind Ah but did not God repent for in Jonah it tells us that God repented of the evil he said he would do to them? God will change his ways for their indeed are passed finding out, but he may not change his mind. He may change the ways of man only that man may through any means come to him. God threatened Ninevah with devastation but in the threatening they came to the living God and his person.

God then changes his ways but not his word. Forever is they word settled in heaven. This means my actions, my waywardness, my going astray, by lack of interest, my lack of of holiness cannot reverses thecall of Godfor if Jonah can miss the boat he cannot avoid the whale. God will use any means to get you where he has purposed you to be.

So when God’s ways are passed finding out I can rest assured that he knows the way that I take, If I take the wrong road or the long road, the road less travelled or the road everyone’s follows, his road, this road will lead me on.  Somewhere between a storm and a Ninevah God has a whale for me!


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