Burning Hearts..

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Jesus480640And they said one to another, didn’t our Hearts burn within us while he talked to us by the way…   and beginning with Moses and all the prophets he explained to them what was said in all the scriptures concerning himself (Read Luke 24:13-43).The disciples walking to Emmaeus, Jesus drew near and walked with them. They took him to be a stranger and asked if he knew anything of the events that had taken place, the crucifixion of Jesus.  Friend, are you walking with Jesus yet don’t know who he is? Until we see him as the God of the Old and the Lord of the New we cannot really say we’ve “walked with him!” Do you desire to have a burning heart? Then take a walk through the old and new and see the one God of both.Jesus what a God God what a man available from Amazon for your desktop and kindle device. Paul’s EBooks on Amazon