I’m Made for More and So are YOU!

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You are not what others label you, you are not what you past, “Oh I’m a drug addict,” you are not your problem, “I’m bankrupt or I’m divorced” you are not your occupation, “Oh I’m a teacher, I’m unemployed” You are not your achievements, “Oh I’m an author.” You are not a label, you are an individual, capable, intelligent, extraordinary, one of a kind. You cannot allow others to label you because they don’t know you as God knows you. Refuse any man-made label or title, neither of which should mean anything to you because your ability to do more today far outweighs the successes you achieved yesterday. Don’t let a label limit your boundary or a title limit your area of expertise. You are made for more. Therefore make your next assignment so big that it wasn’t the you they thought it was that made it possible. yes tell your friend “you’re about to see another side of me. So don’t label me as you see me because I’m made for more and so are you