Reason Is Not an enemy of Faith

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Our faith should and does appeal to the human mind and the existence of God. Man is built to understand God. whether he is an intellectual or whether he is an uneducated man. Both can know God. God therefore is able to reveal himself to ones reason and with the human mind it is possible to know God.Some folks think we are weird because we believe in God. But belief in God often comes forth from an intelligent understanding of God and his person. I believe in God not because I want to and cant explain him but rather I believe in God because what I know of him makes sense God appeals to my thinking and logic, God makes sense to me.Reason is not an enemy of faith in fact it helps me to understand God. reason leads me to faith in God. God and his salvation can be proved by reason. An argument for God’s existence may be reasonable and understood yet because of mans preconceived ideas and religious and doctrinal prejudism, it often falls to the ground. People often choose what not to believe based on what they have previously been taught in the church. Most folks have never asked themselves, “Are my views or doctrines right?” fewer still have set out to prove themselves wrong in order to come to truth.  So our prejudices often determine what we want to believe and what we are prepared to accept as truth.  With this in mind we have to ask ourselves. Why should I accept anything about God that I honestly cannot make sense of or understand clearly, logically and intelligently?For example the debate over the trinity. God is one!Now most folks agree he is “one.” Both Trinitarian and oneness believers agree on this. Where we part ways is in the definition of “one” when logically speaking one is one. No explanation needed! We learned this is infant school. Now, when we make “one” three then we are essentially allowing our prejudism to overshadow truth, mathematical truth and common sense. God makes sense and is understood by reason and through faith. reason is not the enemy of faith its the friend of faith and can lead us to faith. Knowledge of God does not contradict common sense or logic in fact, it confirms it. So I ask you today. Put your truth before your doctrinal prejudice and discover the one true God who is Jesus Christ.(Thanks to Peter Kreft and Ronald Tacelli “Handbook of Christian Apologetics” for in my reading it has provoked me to write this blog

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