10 Signs of A Book of Acts Revival

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Revival Acts Style!1. Prayer by folks who are broken and dependent on God for his rightful place in their lives before a meeting, beginning at the altar before a meeting begins. (Acts 5:31).2. Praise that’s unrestricted, not manipulated, pumped up or forced by a leader but rather, comes from the presence of God. Prayers that don’t originate from a prayer leader with a wish list but prayers that come from a pew sitter on fire with conviction (Acts 2:4. 12:5).3. Humility, preachers having no desire to promote themselves or be the focal point of attention. A sense of God’s glory and the fear of the Lord. The spirit of holiness and reverence without such no man can see the Lord. (Acts2:43).4. Preaching that is anointed, timely and from God. If the preacher senses that God does not want him to preach he should indicate such. Another will speak or Holy Ghost will have his way. (Acts 2:14).5. The manifestation of the spirit as souls touch heaven and speak as the spirit give them utterance. Prayer for the sick as the anointing comes upon the preacher. If God is working this will be followed by manifestations such as trembling, crying, holy ghost tongues, joy and glory.  (Acts 8:7).6. A word of prophecy or tongue for interpretation or gift of tongues (1 Cor 12 &14).7. Testimonies of God’s power. (Acts 4:16).8. The Preaching of Jesus, clear, uncomplicated and anointed. Often accompanied with sound doctrine that saturates, liberates and educates. (Acts 4:12).9. Repentance followed immediately by baptism into the name of Jesus for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38). Including household salvation (Acts 16:33,34).10. People receiving the Holy Ghost as the church gather round them to pray with them until the receive. with evidence of tongues tongues. signs and wonders through the laying on of hands (Acts 14;4).Paul B Thomas