the Lost Coin

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Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one Does she not light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it? And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbours together and says, Jejoice with me: I have found my lost coin. in the same way I tell you, there is much rejoicing inthe presence of anges of God over one sinner that repenteth (Luke 15;8-10)

There si a lack of identity today among Gods people. With Arab extresmist fighting for their identity to the black community in America struggling for recognitionin the sttes over the death of. peoiple the woprld over are struggling to reestablish and find that which was lost

1. The Lost CoinCoins bear an image the image of the one whose propertti is belongs to. The lost coins is a of foretelling pof a people who has lost its identity among the dust the rubbnle of troubeld relgions not she is in the house, the woman in the house is a picture of the woman the chrruch looking for that which is here’s namely her identity

Its an image thing.We are all so busy trying to protect an Image, our image. Christains are trying to reIMAGE themselves by going back to the jewish feats and rituals. but as a new creation you cannt re image what Christ has re born. You cant get beeter than then The New man in Christ. Its a new national identity where there is no male nor feaml black or whaite rich or poor in the new human race.

Its the only race without prejudice its the only civilisation where there is nor acila discrimination out of Zion shall be born this man and that man balcman whiote man rich man poor man only in Zion can allmen live as one under one name one father one race. Only i Christ cna there be unity peace and the absence of racial prejudice

2. The LampThe lamp let me personalize it here the woman needs both broom and lamp. anyone can sweep the house yet it takes  an honest man to clean his own life first before starting to clean up the lives of others. you may use a broom to beat off another but it takes a lamp to clean up ourselves.

Theres another aspect to this before we can see our Image, we have to see his image and not only see his image but see his image in us. This is Gods purpose in “cleaning the House” thirdly before we can see ourselves as we are we have to se him as he is

The Word is about him’

My friend the other day said the words of Jeus are in Red I said, thats true but he wrote all of it! balck words too. in fact the bible is all about him form Adam to the second Adam from Genesis how we came form him to revelation how we live as conquerors in Him. The prophets are a picture of JeSus the Psalms are a picture of Jesus the parables are a picture of Jesus

God didnt put Moses in there to tell you about Moses he put Moses inthere to tell you about himself. God didnt put Joseph inthere to tell yuo abotu Joseph he put Jospeph inthere to tell yuo about himself. God didnt put Samson in there to tell you abotu samson he put samson in there to tell you about himslef


You just have to put the lamp onSweep the dust of the page to get through to the revealtionthen put the lamp onPut Jesus on!Read the scriptures until you see JesusMove the dust until you see Jesus

in the volume of the book its written of him………..TO hear allthis message listen to my podcast..HERE

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