Have you Heard From God?

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I will send you from here to the Gentiles (Acts 22:19).

My friend where do you go from here?

Moses, who got the anointing of fire directly from God..Joshua, who got his fire from Moses yet  he had to go from Moses into the promised land.

Elijah, who got his anointing directly from God performed only seven miracles, Elisha, who got his anointing from Elijah yet when Elijah ascened in the chariot of fire. Where was he to go? In order for  him to do wice as manymiracles he had to hear for God as to where to go to next.

Peter was called by Jesus, as a fisherman he earned a living but as Gods fisherman he birthed the church. “From now on you will catch fish” What if Peter had stopped with his trade. What if he never preached a sermon. Peter had to ask the question, where do I go from here?

Paul had his revelation from the Lord to reveal His Son in me so that I might preach Him among the Gentiles,  Paul had to  find his mission in order to keep his fire.  He went on to say, I did not immediately consult with flesh and blood, nor did I go up to Jerusalem to those who were apostles before me; but I went away to Arabia, and returned once more to Damascus. (Galatians 1:16). Simple revelation will provide an instant obedience. My question where to Now? and here’s the next question Have you heard from God?

If like Peter it don’t take you out of your depth then its not from God.  If Like Elisha it don’t take you out of your dependency then its not form God. If Like Paul it don’t take you out of your religious system or organization then its not of God. If Gods voice don’t make you shake and run away then its not of God. Saul hid for three years! How about you? My third question can you obey the tuff stuff? The command that questions your understanding of scriptures?

Disobedience results in stagnancy. Obedience results in promotion

The obedience factor!

If you want to be a man of God you have to obey not negotiate.

God does not employ negotiators. Folks who cannot accept miracles will not qualify for the role of a working of miracles. Unbelief does not qualify you for power. God looks for faith. If you have faith you will not rob God of the glory or the story. You see men of faith give it all, the tell the folks about the God who can do all things, they tells them of the God with whom all thing are possible. If you are there, then God can use you!

Some of you need to rise up and be apostles,  here is a key don’t look for the office look for the Word from God. Getting an office is easy, you can give yourself a room and give yourself a promotion and even give yourself a title of man of God but only God can give you the Anointing. you cannot earn it, fake it or buy it, you have to receive it from God.

I’m talking of hearing from God about your next level. I know that’s an overused word and that don’t bother me. But your next level assent starts here today, by hearing for God what you aught to do. God is about to take you from a rut to a revival and it starts by revelation. You cant move without a fresh revelation that both challenges and confronts the unbelief in you. Limited ministry because of limited ability and limited faith has to go in Jesus name.

Some folks are looking for their miracle when they should be obedient to the truth.

God has to challenge their ego and he does that by shaking one’s knowledge and doctrine. If you think you know God and have it all together then God will confront you about your doctrine. What you do at this point determines whether you live or die.  If Jesus is God and you’re ignoring to study doctrine, don’t expect God to bless your ignorance and sidetracking spirit. A new level is not possible without revelation of the one true God and his name for in each of the above the knew their God by name and in person. One cannot be apostle without having a revelation of the name of Jesus.

If you have been used as a pastor its time to be a prophet. If you have been used as a preacher its time to pastor. If you’ve been used by God to preach online its time to take a global platform and enlarge your house. If you kept yourself to a denomination climb over the wall and connect outside to those outside of your camp. Your life is to short to keep what you have to your group and your group alone.

Some of you like Elisha have to run by yourself from now on. Take courage and do it. Elijah is not your God and now he is not your assignment either you’re on your own now you shall do twice and much. I know what I’m talking about you’ve served Like Joshua, now God is going to give something to you, don’t doubt it, just walk into it

Finally maybe you’re like Paul. You’ve learned much from sitting at the feet of great teachers, but Now you have to learn from the Lord, of the Lord, all by yourself! You know much but God, says, “my revelation of Jesus, will stop you in your tracks!” It’s time for you to go from scribe to apostle. Preach Jesus from now on not any religious ideology of God. Preach Jesus and cities will shake. Preach the apostles doctrine and governments will listen.

I dare you to move into God’s part Two for your life and ministry. That’s it just a simple exhortation why do you need anything more. How is your faith today. Just go and do it.

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