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Image Breakers is a select group of belivers and preachers dedicated to the lifestyle of adventures in faith. we also study and practice of truth and the apostles doctrine through careful prayer, research and revelation from God. Their passion is to preach Jesus and exalt him as the one true and living God. They devote themselves to a lifetime calling of preaching the faith once delivered to the nations offline irrespective of difficulty or globality. They passionately connect as a tribe online and help each other build powerful ministries through idea sharing and social networking. They dedicate themselves to ministry and serving others in humility and love as apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors. The group is unique and membership is by invite only.

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Why Image Breakers
Because men need focus in a distracted time and age. We need sound doctrine is a church that does not adhere to it. We need to preach Jesus in a word that knows God yet has no revelation of his name. we need to be inspired and unlock our gifts. We need challenge to break loose our potential. We need isnpiration to keep us ablaze on on fiore for the lord. The greatest challenge today is to preach the name of Jesus and declare God as one and one one. Image breakers is not a new fad rather its an adherence to the faith once delivered a faith that can only come forth from God out of a passion for truth. Truth has fallen in the streets. We declare our position back to acts and preaching of Jesus as God.

God is one and his name is Jesus. Salvation just as Jesus said it in John 3;5 and the apostles gave it in Acts 238. We belvie in DIVINE HEALING, The preaching of the gospel to all men and that signs and wonders follow the Word of God. We recognise the five fold ministry and the ministry of helps.

How to Join:-
Conditions; be a member of facebook. Become a partner to recive a partner gift free e book.
Contact me Paul B Thomas.

Exclusive Membership
Image Breakers Inner circle
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