How to Read Scriptures From The Pulpit (1)

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The reading of scriptures in church is important. The preacher who stars his sermon off with scriptures reveals the importance he places on God’s word and also reveals that his words and thoughts come secondarily to what God says. I doing so he focuses both his mind and the attention of the congregation ont0 what God is saying, first.He will read them thoughfully as though they are speaking to him, carefully so that the hearers will at once know that he loves the scriptures, not merely for the sermon he gets form them but for the majestic simpilicity of the language in which the tests are set forth.Reading aloud the scriptures tells me that a man loves the scriptures and enjoys the scriptures. One who reads them rapidly as if to get the introduction over betrays his lukewarmness and coldness regarding them.The book is God’s revelation to man and aught to be approached as revelation, it ought to be expressed as revelation, it ought to be felt as revelation, fresh manner from heaven not just a rehash of old cliches but fresh conversation with God. For if God has not spoken it then how can I preach it! It will lack that forcefulness, that sincerity, it will lack the voice of God. for that’s what the preachers message truly is the voice of God in the pulpit and for that reason a man must reach the scriptures in the pulpit.”The truth is there is something quasi sacramental about reading scripture aloud, good reading is not an outward sign of an inward and spiritual grace, but it is a means thereby we receive the same. It has made the bible live for whom it was dead, it has made them read it for themselves”  (RST Haslehurst). Good reading is to be encouraged by good readers, Good preachers who read good, will encourage those those in the pew to read the bible. If the preacher will be as good at reading as he is at preaching then not only will a new breed of preachers be raised up but readers too.TBC  

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