Experience the MIRACLE God

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Experience the MIRACLE GOD
The four leprous men sat outside the city, ostracised from family life, the cities health and welfare system, the joys of entertainment and even the basic essential such as food and water. Everything was hopeless, until they heard the prophet. When they heard the Lord speak they took action that turned their hopelessness into the miraculous (2Kings 7).Whatever your situation, whatever your problem, whatever your need, God is the source of your deliverance right now. when it looks bleak and grim take heart my friend there is no situation too bleak that God cannot turn around for you.Yes if you will will hear what the Spirit is saying, God will provide supernaturally your needs today. Declare today, by faith doubting nothing:God is my Miracle Source, my Miracle Provider, my Miracle performer, Life began with a miracle and so will mine. Yes declare today My life begins with my miracle from my God today. EXpect it belive it and then get up and Go get it.

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